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Product details

As process monitoring and visual inspection in real time are indispensable for rework and repair process success, Jovy Systems product line includes the proper tool that will help you to achieve this desired success a Powerful Led Light.

Therefore, before starting your rework process, double check that you have all it takes to succeed at your soldering project

Led light from Jovy systems is designed to be fitted as add-on to the X-Y table of our Bga Rework stations or to the work bench through a special C-Clamp.
Jovy Led light has high luminous efficacy, it uses 3 W of electric power and produces a (nominal) luminous flux of 155±10 Lm.

The arm of our led light is flexible with 600 mm length so you will have enough free workspace for any additional inspection instruments such as magnifying Lens or video microscope or even rework tools such as tweezers or components picker.

Jovy led Light Description:
Mechanical Parts:

1. C-Clamp: Black painted Aluminum
2. Flexible Arm: 600 mm length.
   Outer enclosure: Chrome plated brass rings.
   Internal part: steel spring.
3. Led module body: Black painted Aluminum 62 mm length.

Technical Specification:


Emitted Light Color

Natural white

Power Consumption


Luminous flux

155±10 Lm

Input voltage

AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Color temperature


Working temperature


Body temperature


Life span

50,000 hours



Jovy led light is recommended to be used separately as a light source, with different fixation methods. It could be used with a magnifying lens or microscope.

The Flexible arm can be fitted to our C-Clamp either for horizontal direction or for vertical direction.

Possible combinations:



Inspection with


Inspection with



Illuminating a


Number of attached flexible arms




Flexible arm fixation

One vertical and

one horizontal

One vertical or


One vertical only


Installation of light led:

1. Led Light is basically an add-on for the XY table; it can be installed on the XY table right side bar. The projected spot is 10cm² white shiny lights at 10cm distance from targeted area.
2. Installing the Led Light on the left side bar of the XY tables should not be an obstacle for the upper heater movement range. Thus, the flexi arm can be bent freely in many shapes.
3. For large work space area; Led light can be installed to the work bench at any position or side, from the front or back side of the table as its length allows free installations to any rework station.