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Features and Specifications

  • Dark infrared ceramic emitters: both the reflow and the pre-heating source are IR emitters in range from 2µm to 8µm wavelength. It suites most of the components and application materials (plastic, ceramic, aluminum ...etc.).
    • Compatible for tough lead free applications.
    • Safe for the adjacent components.
    • Homogeneous heat distribution.
    • Controlled and focused heating range through upper heater reflectors.
    • Efficient for future sophisticated technologies in IC packages and soldering alloys design and materials.
    • Heaters are German made with more than 100000 working hours – 3 years in average
  • Laser pointer ensures the heating energy delivered towards the target area precisely and accurately.
  • Pick–up tool facilitates the component removal very safe with complete control, whatever the component temperature is.
  • Temperature reader equipped with a sensitive thermo couple for a real time temperature reading with tolerance of +/-2°C.
  • Three operating modes: manual mode, software control mode and process stages profiling mode.
  • Built in cooling fan fitted in advanced mechanical design to provide safe indirect cooling source for reworked application.
  • Boards X/Y table: equipped with the machine in free portable movement design for unlimited usages, serves application preparation and rework.
  • Body and components: built from high quality components and materials that guarantee long life durability and user safety.
  • Warranty: one year from the date of purchase with lifetime full application support and technical support.

  • Specifications

   Upper heater Power


   Pre heater Power


   Voltage frequency

  220 volts 50/60 HZ

   Max board Size

  300mm x 300mm



Software Features

  • User interface allows easy control for all the RE-7500 features in addition to monitoring the process time with temperature real time display.
    • Fast streaming USB connection.
    • Monitoring the temperature readings of the process in a real time.
    • Running process graph with time elapsed guide.
    • Adjustable alarm temperature set point.
    • Operating the upper heater in both normal and park mode.
    • Controlling the cooling fan in both normal and park mode.
    • Uploading default machine settings.
    • Three built in profiles restored in the machine.
    • Adjust safety threshold temperature set point.
    • Change the temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
  • Process stage profiling interface allows to run a complete process which consists of three stages: pre-heating, Soaking and Reflow in one step profile.
    • Download and upload unlimited number of ready-made or user profiles.
    • Complete control of machine mode and both heaters modes in each stage of the profile.
    • User message could be created for each profile stage.
    • Process settings graph option for user analysis before running each profile.
    • Saving unlimited number of run process graphs for user analysis and process development.
    • Upload any three created profile to the machine memory and run it manually.
    • Retrieve any profile stored in RE-7500 memory to run it through the interface

Field of applications

  • Game consoles
  • Laptop and PC mother boards
  • Mobile Phones
  • Personal gadgets
  • Televisions & satellites
  • Medical equipment
  • Small PCB’s assemblies
  • Military &Aerospace electronics
  • Car electronic mother boards
  • Different types of printed circuit boards materials (FR2, FR4 , FR8 ,CR1 …etc.) with multi - layers
  • Different type of components and IC packages PTH, CSP, FCBGA, micro-BGA, CCGA, CBGA, QFP, QFN …etc.
  • Different types of soldering material alloys Sn/Pb, SAC305, SAC307 …etc.
  • Different printed circuit board dimensions up to 300mm x 300mm.