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Jovy systems’ Video Competition March 2015
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Welcome to Jovy First video Competition 2015


Your practical experience with Jovy BGA Rework station is our main concern, your challenge with your irregular application is our passion. How it was, tough or easy? Was it interesting experience using Jovy BGA Rework stations? Do you depend on them while running your sophisticated applications? In which extent was Jovy the coworker at your mission?

Your Video will expose your touch using Jovy, make it captured, recorded, shared and even rewarded with surprising vouchers at wow values

We are pleased to announce Jovy first competition which will be held in the period from  2/03 to  7/04

Don`t Delay, start your Video shooting today.

The Rules are very simple

  1. Create Video for any applications using any of Jovy BGA Rework stations RE-7500&RE-7550&RE-8500&Jetronix-Eco.
  2. Jovy systems `s name should be mentioned in title of the video
  3. Application Type should be mentioned in title of the video.
  4. Jovy BGA Rework station`s shape should be crystal  clear at the video.
  5. The video must be no longer than 15 minutes, minimum 5 minutes
  6. You must submit your video and share it with us in form of video link on youtube through sales@jovy-sys.com
  7. All participating videos sent from your side will be published 23/03 on our official Facebook page, youtube channel, Google plus for launch &getting the word out, voting among Jovy Facebook visitors & Fans
  8. Here ask your friends and colleagues to like and vote heavily for your video.

Launch &Voting


Evaluation of videos will be done according to points refer to in which extent is video content is rich,  as following:-

-          Reflow 100 points

-          Soldering 200 points

-          De-soldering 50 points

-          Reballing 30 points

-          Complete process De-soldering, Reballing and soldering back 500 points

Controlling method 400 points  (testing proof is required)

-          Complete profile ( settings, profile stages and testing proof ) 400 points

-          Manual control 250 points

-          Number of views on Youtube : 100 points ( if views more than 70 views)

Please note, the technical criteria applied through Jovy technical support


07/04/2015 the best 3 videos will be announced along their points in details at our official Facebook page & official website.

The best 3 videos will be rewarded with vouchers at values of

  1. First Best Video : Voucher at 1000 usd
  2. Second Best Video: Voucher at 700 usd
  3. Third Best Video : Voucher at 300 usd

In addition to the prizes the 3 videos will be uploaded permanent to Jovy Youtube channel with name of creator along with name of his repair center.